Since 2020, we have been crafting some of the best Seasonings and Rubs on the market today. We are committed to using the freshest, highest quality ingredients we can find and we NEVER use any artificial ingredients, fillers, or extracts. Just fresh ground herbs and spice in every jar of Timbo's Spice you buy.

I started Timbo's Spice as a result of developing an allergy to corn in my early 30's. As you probably know, corn is in EVERYTHING! As someone who loves food and cooking, I hated that I now had to read every label looking for all the sneaky names corn has on food labels. The one item that finally sent me over the edge was Taco Seasoning. There was cornstarch in it...


Mostly out of frustration and stubbornness I said "FORGET IT! I'm just going to make my own" That was sort of the birth of this idea to create clean, unadulterated Seasonings. We launched the company at a small farmers market in Arizona in 2020 with 5 products and have since expanded to over 30 unique varieties of seasonings and rubs for all types of cooking and baking. We are now operating in multiple states and offer shipping all over the country.

We often get asked for an "all-purpose" seasoning. While many of our products are delicious on multiple foods, I'm not a believer that there should be "One Product" thats good on "Everything". I prefer to craft different rubs with different ingredients that highlight the nuances in different foods. Besides, who wants to use the same flavor on everything they eat? BORING! Many of our varieties and have come from customer requests, ideas, or just a realization that didn't have the BEST answer to the question of "What do you have thats good on _____?"

We hope you love trying all the amazing varieties of Timbo's Spice just as much as we've enjoyed making them. Afterall, food should be fun, right?. Bon Appetite!